New rate for summer session 2017

Group lesson fee is based on level. For team and pre-team level practice, fee is $20/hour, where coach normally won’t be in water. For group size 3 or more with coach in water, fee is $40 / hour.

Semi-private lesson fee is $45/45 mins or $30/30 mins. Two students only in one session guaranteed to ensure the quality of training program. This is the most popular program to our members. For members joined before April 2017, we provide discount rate $40/45 mins now. For students at level 7 or higher, fee stays same with 60 mins.

Private lesson fee varies with each coach, ranging from $30/30 minutes to $45/30 minutes. Please call in for details on availability and rate.

The Fee Schedule pdf file has been updated with the above info.


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